Total from maximum ride
Total is a short, Scottish terrier-like dog with black fur. Angel picks him up from a lab in the Instiutute in New York City. Max and Fang reluctantly agree to let him stay with the flock.

While staying at Anne's home in Virginia (book two), the flock finds out that Total can speak normally. Due to the fact that most experiments from the School and related labs are hybrids, this implies that Total was once a human who was bred with dog DNA.

In the third book, Total joins Angel (who goes with Max, Ari, and Nudge) to go to Europe. They visit Britain, Germany, and France. While in Paris, Total, along with Nudge, seems to have a liking for coffee. After leaving a battle in Germany, the group reunites with Fang's mini-flock on the east coast of America.

On a job in Antarctica, Total meets an Alaskan Malamute named Akila, and immediately falls for her. At every occasion Total attempts to impress her. They marry in one of the epilogues of Fang.

Prior to the events in Max, it seems that Total was helping Dr. Martinez "coach" her patients (Dr. Martinez is a veterinarian).