The flock

The Flock

The flock is the group of mutant-bird kids that aren't all blood related, but are like a family. The can all fly and they all have different things to offer.

Max- Leader of the flock, also a fast flyer. She is like a mother to the younger children. Has gills.

Fang- Second in command, can turn invisable, has gills.

Iggy- Blind, but can see stuff in front of a white background. Loves bombs and explosives.

Nudge- Can attrack metal and is great with computers.

Gasman- Can mimic voices. Angel's brother. Iggy's best friend and also love bombs and other explosives.

Angel- Can read and control minds, can talk to animals. Gasman's sister. Has tried to take over Max's place as leader. First to develop gills.