Hair Color

Brown with a white streak ()

Eye Color



Twelve feet

Wing Colors

Tawny (golden-brown)


11(12 in "Fang")

Nudge is eleven years old (twelve in Fang) and is very talkative and peppy. Her real name is thought to be Monique. Nudge is the only African-American member of the flock and has curly black hair, brown eyes, and tawny wings. She has deep interests in fashion, hairstyles, and cosmetics.

In the first book, Nudge and Fang go to find her biological parents in Tipisco, Arizona on the way to the school. Nudge and Fang see an African-American woman come out of her home in a trailer park, but are not certain if it is Nudge's mother. Before they can ask her, Ari shows up and is eager for a fight. Nudge spray-paints him green.

Max Nudge is very fond of the air shows because "They make me feel like a famous movie star.She said her name was cinnamon Allspice La Fever. She bursts into tears when max walks (More like flies) from Steve Blackman and sharon.Nudge was an amazing fighter against the mc-geeks .She tell max she wants to get her wings removed because she thinks that will get her a home.

Nudge is revealed to be fond of school and learning, as shown in School's Out--Forever and Max. For a brief period in the fifth book, Nudge leaves the flock to go to a special school which Jeb offers to the flock, but returns due to worry for Dr. Martinez, who is Max's mother and is held captive underwater.

In Saving the World and Other Extreme Sports, Nudge joins Max's mini-flock and goes with them to Germany, Britain, and France. Nudge shows a great love for the culture of Paris. As said in Fang, she hid eighty percent of everything she bought in Europe to use as birthday presents for the rest of the flock.

Abilities Edit

Nudge can hack into any computer system by sensing leftover vibes and emotions. She is also telekinetic and can draw metal towards her at will.