Hair Color

Blonde (spiky)

Eye Color




Wing Colors

Brown (Barn owl colors)


8(9 in "Fang")

The Gasman is an eight-year-old boy. He turns nine years old in

Fang. Nicknames for him include Gazzy or Gaz.

Appearance Edit

Gazzy has blond hair that spikes up and big blue eyes, much like his birth-sibling Angel. His wings are depicted as barn owl wings

Personality Edit

The reason behind the name Gasman is due to his abnormal digestive system, and its "outcomes". Gazzy later discovers that he can use this "skill" to incapacitate his enemies (occasionally making them unconscious) and make a quick escape. Another of Gazzy's abilities is mimicry of any voice or sound with amazing accuracy and  controlling weather.

Gazzy is fascinated by bombs and explosions, and knows virtually any formula for gunpowder. He enjoys building bombs with his fellow flock member Iggy, another explosives enthusiast. One of their most well-known events was blowing up an old shed filled with Erasers with a bomb they named "Big Boy" while the rest of the flock set off to rescue Angel.

History Edit

Gazzy and Angel's parents were tight on money before and after they were born, so they gave them away to the School, unaware of the experiments they would perform on their children, for money. They were caged and tortured in the School along with the other kids with avian DNA. After the long torture, Jeb Batchedler kidnapped them and the others away, abandoning his son Ari, and lived in the mountains. They lived with Jeb for several years before his disappearance and Max raised them

Plot Edit

Gazzy first appears when he walks in the kitchen and asks Max what is for breakfast, to which Max simple gives him a peck on the forehead and tells him it is a surprise, and the Gasman is unable to see the unfortunate breakfast she prepared. Later, when Angel proposes that she wants to pick strawberries, the Gasman sits up and accidently pulls one of his "occurences" and Iggy mimics being choked and saying he needs a gas mask, while Nudge jokes that, "fresh air would really help us."

While picking strawberries, Angel tells Max that if she picked strawberries, she could make chocolate cake. Gasman mimics Iggy's voice and said sarcastically, "Yeah, that'll be the day that Max makes cake. I'll make it, Angel." To which Max stands up and tells Iggy even though she is a bad cook, she can kick both of their butts. Iggy puts his hands up and denial, while the Gasman smirks. Max glares and asks him if it was him who mimicked Iggy's voice, to which the Gasman laughs.

Suddenly, multiple Erasers appear and grab Angel. The others are attacked while Max tries to free Angel from an Eraser. One of the Erasers tells Max