a little over 4'

Hair Color

Blonde (curly)

Eye Color




Wing Colors



6(7 in "Max")

Angel is a 6-year old (Claims she was 7 in MAX, officially 7 in Fang) mutant freak. She is the youngest member of the flock, and her birth sibling is Gazzy.

Angel has blond hair, blue eyes, and white wings. She has the abilities to talk to fish, (was the first to) develop gills, read minds, influence people's decisions, and alter her appearance. She has been known to act evily and try to replace Max as leader of the flock.

In the first book, it states that Angel is Max's favorite (and vice-versa):

Max, narrating: I'd never told the others, but I just loved, loved, loved Angel. Maybe because I'd been taking care of her practically since she was a baby. Maybe because she was just so incredibly sweet and loving herself.

Angel: Maybe because I'm like your little girl. But don't worry, Max. I won't tell anybody. Besides, I love you best too.


In the beginning of "The Angel Experiment", Angel is kidnapped by Erasers and taken back to the School. Max and all the other members of the Flock have to go and save her.

While in a New York toy store (in the end of "The Angel Experiment"), Angel influences a woman to buy her a $50 teddy bear she later names "Celeste".

Also in the end of "The Angel Experiment", at The Institute, Angel finds Total, a genetically altered Scottish Terrier and takes him with her.